About Us

In today’s complex financial world, the clearest path to your objectives requires skillful navigation combined with an instinctive understanding of the financial markets.

Advantage`s market experts apply objective insights and experienced execution to ensure you manage risk and capture market opportunities.

Advantage provides a range of services and support for a diverse client base that includes institutions, corporations and government entities, introducing brokers and other industry professionals, and individual investors and traders. We leverage the following key strengths to help you trade and manage risk in a wide range of markets, geographic regions, and products.

Why choose Advantage?

  • 24-hour continuous coverage of the FX markets.
  • High degree of anonymity for client activities.
  • Facilitation of transactions as a principal market maker.
  • Superior liquidity from the global FX interbank market.

Our research coverage includes equities in the broad variety of markets.
Advantage’s research analysts leverage their deep industry experience and
knowledge to generate distinct and actionable ideas.

Benefits of working with Advantage

We have equity derivatives sales and trading teams and we can provide highly
personalized service to help clients pick and choose among the vast array of
derivatives that are often unique to certain markets.

Advantage markets has the advanced technology required to efficiently access the
expanding array of derivative products that are now traded electronically on markets
around the world.

Advantage has immediate access to all of the world’s major derivatives marketplaces,
and we offer our clients access to many of them.

From initial order entry to execution, settlement, and record-keeping, Advantage’s
clients enjoy the kind of efficient handling of their orders that greatly facilitates moving
forward on their investment strategies and objectives.

Because Advantage is a broker – dealer in so many transactions taking place in so many
markets, we not only have unparalleled access to liquidity at attractive prices, but we
also have excellent insights into the trends and developments that move markets.

We provide liquidity for many of our clients to facilitate their
involvement in the spectrum of equity derivative products.

The derivative products offered — and the regulations governing their
use — differ significantly by region and country. Advantage’s various
local derivative sales and trading desks around the world means our
customers can count on receiving research and executions that fulfill
both client needs and local regulations around the world.

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