ATS Standard

Trade forex with Advantage

ATS Standard online trading method saves you hours of time because you do not have to wait in front of your computer, watch the market, specific moves on your online trading platform, and look for the right trade signal. ATS Standard performs everything by itself according to pre-defined trading criteria  that you as an individual trader have to define. If the specified conditions are met, ATS Standard automatically enters the trading position without your intervention at any time.

ATS Progressive

Trade crypto derivatives with Advantage

The cryptocurrency automated trading systems are made up of several algorithms constantly monitoring the development of already validated cryptocurrencies. ATS combine the search with rigorous analysis of new cryptocurrencies with an interesting future and high growth potential and potentially high-performing investment as well. ATS Progressive is basically digital investment instrument. The main purpose is to take care of all the processes associated with cryptocurrency mining and carry them out instead of you.

Individual Trader

Become trader with Advantage

Take the advantage of our dedication to provide you with the tools you need to become a trader of success. You as an individual trader have the option to download one of the most popular trading platform MetaTrader4. While it is most commonly associated with Forex trading, it can be used to trade other markets as well.

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